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We prepare hundreds of personal tax returns every year.  The bulk of this work is done between July and October.  These returns can range from simple tax returns, such as an individual with one employment income and simple deductions to those with multiple sources of income, including rental income, dividends, investment portfolios and more.

Whatever your circumstances, our aim is to maximise your tax savings while ensuring our work is as accurate as possible.


 Sole traders are our second most common class of clients.  Some have very simple transactions and only need simple work, others can be complex. Whenever possible, we examine your circumstances to ensure your business structure is the most suitable one and as always, endeavour to deliver best results.


Partnerships are less common now.  Most businesses who can benefit form of a partnership structure, could readily enjoy the benefits of trading through a Trust and that is what most clients in this category eventually gravitate towards.

There are greater tax advantages in trading through a trust, however, partnerships still remain an excellent tool for tax savings and a suitable business structure.


While we prepare tax returns for all business structures, Trusts and Limited Companies are the accountants’ choice.  This structure often gives our clients the best tax savings.  If you are already in this structure, you have access to some of the best tax savings tools.


Your first consultation is FREE.  Because we like to help you save tax and succeed, we don’t charge for quick calls (less than 5 minutes).  So feel free to talk to us if you have a quick question.

While there is a lot of information out there, there is also a lot of misinformation.  The ATO’s website has a wealth of excellent information, but you may still need help.  Well, we are here to HELP. We help you decide on the right business structure and provide you with information or contacts that can help you on your way.